It's a Gathering, not a Meeting

Like a conference or a party, but online

Regular Scheduled Gatherings

Every healthy community has regular times when everyone comes together, whether it's your annual conference, your weekly church service, or your monthly book club.

Talkbeat is a place for regular scheduled gatherings.

Multiple Small-Group Conversations

In an in-person gathering, the real magic happens in small private conversations. It's hard to really connect to people when everything you say is broadcast to a large audience.

A Talkbeat gathering consists of multiple small private conversations.

Overhear parts of the conversations you aren't in

In an in-person gathering, you can see which groups of people are talking, and overhear small parts of what is being said. This allows you to know which conversations you might want to join.

While Talkbeat conversations are private, you can choose to "publicly broadcast" a subset of the messages you send, allowing others to track the highlights of what you are talking about and know if they should drop in.

Try it Yourself Now

Create your own Talkbeat gathering, or attend Talkbeat Office Hours on Tuesdays at 8pm Pacific Time.

Talkbeat is a product of Talkful, Inc.