Like an In-Person Gathering, but Remote

Regular Scheduled Gatherings that turn your remote group into a community.

Regular Scheduled Gatherings

Every healthy community has regular times when everyone comes together, whether it's your annual conference, your weekly church service, or your monthly book club.

ChillChat is a place for regular scheduled gatherings.

Ambient Awareness of the Conversations you Aren't In

Like an in-person gathering, ChillChat gives you an ambient sense of what is happening in the conversations you aren't in. Put a message on your conversation's board to make it visible to people who aren't in the conversation, alerting people who might want to drop in.

You also have a personal board, where you can write whatever you want to share with the group, making it easier for others to start conversations with you.

Non-Urgent Messaging

ChillChat has no mobile app, no notifications, and messages expire after 24 hours. If you are on ChillChat, it means you are sitting at a keyboard and have dedicated time to hanging out with this group of people. This gives ChillChat a casual intimacy that you don't find elsewhere.

ChillChat is a product of Talkful, Inc.